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Something seems off at the office today?


Movement - WASD

Interaction - E

Made for Toronto Game Jam 2022 with the theme: "That's not supposed to be there"

Release date May 15, 2022
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Authorsluwaidev, Raphael Kwok
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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The Office v0.13.zip 162 MB

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love the game its just the sensitivity needs work but overall great game thank you :):):)

I dunno if the mouse look had that acceleration on purpose, but it felt like swimming/dreaming which was neat.

dark room forever?

Kinda wish you did more with this not gonna lie, if you had to run from a monster that would be a good idea

Fun little game, I liked the atmosphere and the layout of the office. The ending left me a little confused so I replayed just to see if a monster would appear that I missed. The manual labor was optional, which made the replay easy. Camera/walk speed a bit off but it wasn't unplayable. Thanks for creating, I enjoyed :)


Not a bad little game, the mouse sensitivity wasn't great imo, aside that good work :)

Good Job!! I like this game.

Thanks man!

Nice little game. Im amazed at how awesome that janitor was !  Great game though ! Your game is 3rd and starts at  15:22 



fix these 2 bug please

Thanks for bringing those to my attention, I'm on it!

(1 edit)

moving around with mouse is not smooth(uncomfortable)

and I cannot go further to finish the game something is blocking the way

Oh that sucks, where is it blocked?

Not a bad atmosphere. Definetly needs more content in it, but a very promising start to what could be a very solid indie horror game

Thanks man!


Sup yana, when i made a video on this, i sorta completely forgot you made one on this :/

Nice atmosphere, and not bad overall - however, the speed was terribly slow. Whether that's intentional or not, Im not sure but I didn't enjoy that aspect. Also not sure if there was meant to be a part two or anything but I was a bit unsure of the actual plot itself. Atmosphere- 5/5. Gameplay - 3/5. Story - 1/5

It's partially intentional, I made it during a game jam and I didn't have time to make the level longer and so I just made the character move slower to lengthen it and make it a little spookier, but I'm working on more areas now!

Very creepy and tense atmosphere. Great job! 

It's over, right? There's a black screen

Yeah, I'm working on fixing that actually

is there a way to down scale to a different resolution?


Not at the moment :(

Hello, I have enjoyed this game a lot, thanks for letting me try your game, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I need everyone's support, thanks friend, greetings....

Nice game. Strange local, scary... nice..... I played : )



Short but not bad. If you decide to begin improving the game after the game jam is over one thing to improve the mouse sensitivity. Felt like horrible mouse acceleration with very low sensitivity. Made the mouse feel like it had a delay to it. But apart from that not a bad game for being developed in such a short time. Made a video on it.


Thanks dude, that's a sick video!


walking too slow, need mouse sensitivity option, some collision bugs

Thanks for the critiques, I'm planning on adding sensitivity and audio options, and I'll look into the collision bugs!

also if you click exit game freezes

Absolutely Brilliant! I can't describe this with enough words! Superb and tense! Fantastic Job! 


The video's awesome man, thanks so much!

Thank you for making this. It was perfect. I know some people might "complain" about walking and sensitivity, but as a long time developer, a huge horror fan - it's amazing! If someone plays the game for a rush, I would recommend "Sonic" for them. Horror games and atmospheric projects are supposed to be an experience. You did great.  

Thanks so much man, that means a lot!